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Lucart Automation Inc.

Quality from start to finish.


Our Expertise

Lucart Automation Inc. is an industrial system integrator specializing in process control, motion control and automation system solutions.

Our Goal

Our relentless commitment to quality, reliable service and innovative automation solutions has allowed us to develop lasting relationships with our clients. Our services have grown from simple electrical panel construction to servicing, designing and building a variety of complex control systems.

Our Promise

Lucart Automation Inc. will be there for you from start to finish. From estimates and designing, to system building, installation, support and training, we’ll be there every step of the way.

• System Integration

• Servo Motion Control

• Safety Assessment and Design

• Control Panel Design and Construction

• Hardware and Software Engineering

• Software Development and Documentation 

• Process Control, 

• Monitoring and Data Acquisition 

• Robotics and Material Handling 

• Machine Control 

• Project Management


Our engineering team is experienced with a variety of PLC's and Operator Interfaces to ensure that you receive the most effective control system for your application. We specialize in Allen-Bradley®, Omron™, Siemens™, and numerous other operating systems to provide you with a wide support base.

Software and Hardware 
Our engineering team is always up to date with state of the art components and software to keep up with the ever-changing industry and to supply our clients with the most current systems. 


We are proficient in servicing and upgrading any PLC or Microprocessor based control systems. We have significantly improved our customers' production by redesigning and implementing new software and hardware. We specialize in networking solutions that empower you with the control you need over your manufacturing facility.

We offer comprehensive training on any control system we design, as well as customized training services in the following

  • PLC Hardware and Software
  • Motion Control
  • Safety Categories and Systems


We have years of experience with many of the major computer-based HMI products including Rockwell RSView™, RSBizWare™, RSEnergyMetrix™, and Wonderware Intouch®. We can implement this software in both single and multiple system environments.

Lucart Automation designs systems that assimilate our customer’s vision with their processes. From single-screen text displays to multiple-screen graphical displays, we construct HMI systems that maximize the ease with which our customers can control their plant operations. The user-friendly design of our HMI and SCADA systems increases the responsiveness of production technicians and decreases the troubleshooting time required by maintenance personnel.  

Data Acquisition
At Lucart Automation Inc. we specialize in translating ambiguous data into a coherent collection of information through data acquisition. We can devise systems that will analyze a wide variety of production data and convert it into clear, organized figures.

Our Expertise Include:
  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Storage
  • Conversion of Confusing Data into Useful Information 

  • Mobile and Collaborative Robotics  

  • Overview of Multiple Real-Time Data Sources
  • System Efficiency Measurements
  • Fault Detection

Motion Control

We offer complete servo control systems for single and multiple-axis applications. Our experienced team is available to design and implement systems that best suit your needs. Motion control can improve quality, production, and consistency, especially in highly demanding industries such as food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and packaging. 

With Motion Control We Can:
Improve Consistency

  • Increase Speed
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Product Quality

 Lucart Automation Inc. can provide you with the control and flexibility you need to deliver your product to market on time. 

Panel Construction

At our manufacturing facility, we can build custom controls from small operator stations to large PLC panels. Our engineering department is available to create designs that meet your requirements, or we can assemble panels that have been designed by your engineers. All of our control panels are tested and CSA™ approved.

Our Facility
At our manufacturing facility, we can build custom controls from small operator stations to large PLC panels. Our engineering department is available to create designs that meet your requirements, or we can assemble panels that have been designed by your engineers. All of our control panels are tested and CSA™ approved.

Electrical Equipment and Wiring
Our technicians are experienced with all types of electrical devices such as motors, sensors, limit switches, light curtains, and lighting, as well as a wide variety of industrial machinery and equipment. 

We can improve older panels and outdated systems by rewiring and installing new components, to enhance your existing equipment. 


Protecting worker health and safety should be the top priority for both employer and employee, but maintaining a safe workplace is a requirement by law. Safe machines and processes create a pleasant work environment, and also minimize the costs incurred by your company due to workplace injuries and lost time. 

For many years Lucart Automation Inc. has been involved in safety system design and integration of assembly lines, presses, stand-alone stations, robot cells and more. Our goal is to provide our clients with accident prevention tools and assist in understanding the purpose and value of safety standards.

Risk Analysis and Design
Our engineers are qualified in risk analysis and evaluation to provide the proper degree of safety. We implement safeguarding devices such as light curtains, laser scanners, safety relays, switches, and contactors. Our safety systems comply with safety categories B,1,2,3,4 of North American (OSHA, CSA) as well as European (IEC, ISO) standards.

Safeguarding Applications
  • Area and Perimeter Safeguarding
  • Point of Operation Safeguarding
  • Interlocks
  • Entry/Exit Safeguarding



Everyday challenges in the automotive industry require expert solutions. Whether you require system design or upgrades, Lucart Automation will help you meet your manufacturing demands and deadlines. Our solutions provide flexible and realistic scheduling and assembly line sequencing. We offer full project management services that can help your company achieve its production targets while maintaining the safety standards required for your employees. 

Food / Beverage

Our expertise includes data connectivity, automation, batch processing, process control and maintenance for the food and beverage processing industry.

Your vision is our design. Our experience helps our customers develop their ideas to improve production, cut costs and eliminate waist. Lucart Automation provides you with the knowledge, expertise and years of experience that you need in an industrial system integrator. 

Pharmaceutical / Chemical

At Lucart we design, build and integrate automation systems for laboratories, medical manufacturing and pharmaceutical processes. Our systems include robotics, instrumentation integration, process automation, product assembly and packaging.
We are capable of overseeing your project from design and implementation to troubleshooting and more. Whether starting a new project or upgrading an existing one, Lucart can provide simple solutions that will increase productivity and reduce expenses.


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