Safety at Work

Protecting worker health and safety should be the top priority for both employer and employee, but maintaining a safe workplace is a requirement by law. Safe machines and processes create a pleasant work environment, and also minimize the costs incurred by your company due to workplace injuries and lost time.


For many years Lucart Automation Inc. has been involved in safety system design and integration of assembly lines, presses, stand-alone stations, robot cells and more. Our goal is to provide our clients with accident prevention tools and assist in understanding the purpose and value of safety standards.

Risk Analysis and Design

Our engineers are qualified in risk analysis and evaluation to provide the proper degree of safety. We implement safeguarding devices such as light curtains, laser scanners, safety relays, switches, and contactors. Our safety systems comply with safety categories B,1,2,3,4 of North American (OSHA, CSA) as well as European (IEC, ISO) standards.

Safeguarding Applications

   Area and Perimeter Safeguarding
   Point of Operation Safeguarding
   Entry/Exit Safeguarding

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