Software and Hardware

Our engineering team is experienced with a variety of PLC's and Operator Interfaces to ensure that you receive the most effective control system for your application. We specialize in Allen-Bradley®, Omron™, Siemens™, and numerous other operating systems to provide you with a wide support base.

Our engineering team is always up to date with state of the art components and software to keep up with the ever-changing industry and to supply our clients with the most current systems.


We are proficient in servicing and upgrading any PLC or Microprocessor based control systems. We have significantly improved our customers' production by redesigning and implementing new software and hardware. We specialize in networking solutions that empower you with the control you need over your manufacturing facility.


We offer comprehensive training on any control system we design, as well as customized training services in the following

  • PLC Hardware and Software
  • Motion Control
  • Safety Categories and Systems

Committed to quality and customer satisfaction.